The Art Garden

The manicured gardens in front of the Heritage Bungalow are filled with art installations and artistic expressions. The Art Garden includes ‘The Heritage Alpana’, ‘The River Life’, and ‘The Culture Wheels’.

Concept, ideation: Shahnaab Alam

The River Life

The Art Installation on the landscaped mound in front of the Heritage Bungalow, ‘The River Life’ depicts the interdependency of people and the River Brahmaputra.

Artist: JyotiSankar Bhattacharyya


The Culture Wheels

Placed along the pathway from the Main Gate, these are the first Art Installation leading towards the Heritage Bungalow. Inspired by the Buddhist prayer wheels, each of the ‘Culture Wheels’ individually depict the tribes and communities that inhabit the banks of the River Brahmaputra, as it enters and exits India. River Brahmaputra has ethnically the most diverse set of people living along its banks, weaving a rich tapestry, and making life along the river vibrantly colourful. The celebration of the River Brahmaputra has always been through music, and as these Culture Wheels are turned, folk music of the respective tribes and communities will fill the surrounding.

Artist: Nuruddin Ahmed


The Heritage Alpana

Painted on the surface of a massive underground Water Tank, ‘The Heritage Alpana’ is the largest floor design in the whole of NorthEast region and one of the largest in India. This ‘rangoli’ style mosaic incorporates the traditional motifs and designs of the region. The trees around the Water Tank are adorned with more than a hundred colourful Bird-Houses. This happens to be the city’s largest Bat colony and also filled with several other species of birds.

Artist: JyotiSankar Bhattacharyya

Old DC Bungalow, Pan Bazaar
Guwahati, Assam 781001
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