The Art Lobby

The space at the entry lobby of the Heritage Bungalow is a dedicated Art Gallery for an exhibition of a collection of Paintings or Photographs. Each Artist or Photographer will be given the space for a month. Their artistic works can also be purchased by visitors and patrons on request.

Artist of the Month


Dr. Sanjeev Handique

Dr. Sanjeev Handique is a practising Radiologist from Guwahati, Assam, India. He is a self taught watercolour artist working exclusively on watercolour paintings. His subjects are varied and his passion is to portray the beauty in small things that one sees around them everyday. He lives in Guwahati with his wife Mitali and his two children and a dog named Leo.

The details of the paintings in this curation can be found in his Instagram handle @sanjeevhandique or on his Facebook page @Sanjeev Kumar Handique_ Photos_albums_paintings.

Art Exhibitions

Photography Exhibitions