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1667 AD, Assam. After a plunderous invasion of the Mughal Subedar Mir Jumla, the Ahom kingdom is reeling under loss, treachery and internal conflicts. The Ahom Monarch Chakradhwaj Singha and his ministers are serving the vassalage of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb under the terms of a disgraceful treaty and the morale of the Assamese people is reduced to its lowest ebb.

However, a valiant commander of the Ahom army rises to the occasion. With his unflinching grit and determination, he leads the Ahoms to face the Mighty Mughals in one of the largest naval wars in the history of India. Will the fewer number of Ahoms be able to vanquish the invincible Imperial Army? Will Emperor Aurangzeb have a trick under his sleeve to thwart the Ahom expedition? In a well researched, action packed and a form never told before, this is the legend of an unsung war hero-Lachit Borphukan. The action, the twists and turns and the emotions in the saga will keep you hooked for sure.

Author Bio


Nilutpal Gohain

Nilutpal Gohain is an officer with the Government of Assam. He started his literary journey in 2017 after finishing his quest for bread and butter. Many of his poems and short stories have been published in print and e-journals such as Muse India, Spillwords, Setu-the bilingual, The Hans India, Poets India, Youth ki Awaz etc.

His short stories have appeared in anthologies like City of Screams, A Fallen Leaf, Shattered etc. He was one of the winners of the first edition of the ‘Half Baked Beans Co-Author Project’ and he co-authored a dystopian novel ‘2035’ which has been awarded the ‘Best Fantasy/Sci Fi book’ by Sharing Stories Book Awards 2021.